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Well Done Schyler O’Neal

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

It was a beautiful and sunny day in Long Beach, California. The Boss Mann Magazine team walked unto the property of musician Schyler O’Neal. We were meeting with Schyler for his on camera interview with the Boss Mann Magazine. Mr. O’Neal being the busy boss he is was just arriving home, and as usual, it was for a productive reason. This is an exciting time in Schy’s life right now because he and his lovely wife are expecting their first child. He and his wife had just finished up her maternity photo shoot because they wanted to capture this very special time in their lives and the Boss Mann team is so excited for them. They arrived and politely greeted us. Mrs. O’Neal was truly glowing and looking stunning. As Schyler and his wife lead us into their residence, Schy tells us that he was the photographer for the maternity shoot. We were in awe and I asked him if there was any creative skill that he does not possess. Once again, we all laughed and continued on.

After the lights and cameras were all set up, it was time for action. For Schyler’s interview we

did things a little different. Normally I am sitting next to the talent doing their interview but

on rare occasions, I will conduct the interview with me off camera. The reason for my decision here will be unveiled later in this article. We began the interview with small talk and me offering congratulations and blessings on he and his wife’s pregnancy. Schy shared how excited he is that he is having a baby boy. Then I thanked him for allowing us into his home to conduct the interview.

Before I continue with the interview, let me first share what Schyler O’Neal does. He is an artist, music producer, songwriter, vocal producer, artist developer, live event producer, music teacher, son, husband and soon-to-be dad. With all the titles Schy wears, he is able to juggle and balance them well because he is passionate, creative, purposeful, faithful, and intentional. For the sake of history, I want to insert a side note that I met Schyler O’Neal several years back in the music industry through Drastic Measures (an independent record label in which we were both affiliated with). During that time, Mr. O’Neal was focusing on the Rap game and pursuing a career as a rapper. He started off with the artist name2 -Face and went through a few changes and ultimately resulting in using his official name Schyler O’Neal. As he grew in his artistry and life, he tells BossMann “I started receiving so many compliments on my official name from people whenever I would introduce myself to them.” Schy always wanted names like rappers when he was focusing on Rap only, but he realized that his mission as not only evolved, but, so did he as an artist. O’Neal was also singing now, so he made the name change to reflect the confident man he’s grown into.

Schyler took Boss Mann on journey back in his past as we conversed about his upbringing. He is a native of Long Beach, California and grew up in North Long Beach. He remembers being an active kid, in which, he says his mom will attest to. His family is a church going family and Schy grew up going to church and being immersed in that world. He was introduced to Gospel music as early as he can remember and, from that point on, he has been involved in the world of music. I asked Mr. O’Neal, “when did he make the decision to focus on music as a profession?” He said “I do not have a certain point when I chose music because music chose me and it has always been part of my life since I remember and has remained constant in my life.” He communicates to BossMann that he does feel Gospel music inspired him to create music with purpose and enlightened him to the belief system that passion points you toward your purpose. This is a message that Schyler makes effort to convey to the students he teaches at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles, California.

There are many new things happening in this Boss man’s life. Another big event in Schy’s life is his music tour.

This tour will have three components to it.

One component to the tour is Inspiration, where the goal is to inspire his fans and audience with reaching for their personal goals.

The second part is Education. He will have music workshops and seminars much like he does at the GRAMMY Museum.

The last component is entertainment. He plans to put on amazing performances for his fans. This tour will promote his new album titled

“Well Done.”

Schy tells us that the title of his album is inspired by a scripture from the Bible. I asked him, “Is this album a Christian album?” and Schy, responded “No it is not a Christian album, but I am a Christian and my music is about my life and personal beliefs. My album seeks to inspire people to live their truths and use their natural gifts to make a positive impact in the world.”

preserving time”. In his documentary,piring interview, Schy informed the BossMann, with this new album release he is bringing a life-style and not just another album. He has a clothing line as well as a documentary. He said, “to him music is about preserving time”. In his documentary, titled Reach for the Schy: The Making of the Man, he will be highlighting the last 10 years of his life’s journey. This is the reason I chose to not be on camera for this interview. In the event Schy wants to do another documentary in the future, or just use this footage, it would fit right in. I am so excited to here his album and see, his documentary because this guys is so talented and gifted musically. We will definitely keep our BossMann tribe in the loop with all Mr. O’Neal’s progress in the world of entertainment.

Boss Mann: What makes you original?”

Schyler O’Neal: “Being me, my finger prints, weight, height, and uniqueness makes me original. I do not try and be something, I have learned that just being me is something unique.”

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